M562 - Tiny Crease Blender Brush
A slim crease brush that packs a lot of power and creates seamless transitional effects.Bristles: 5/8""Full Length: 6 1/2"Bristle Type: Synthetic
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Madison Beer Channel Surfing 6-Piece Eye Brush Collection
Morphe: Madison Beer Channel Surfing 6-Piece Eye Brush CollectionBaby, baby yeah!Curated by Madison Beer, this 6-piece set of soft brushes provides everything you need to create gorgeous eye looks.Set includes:Pointed Packer Brush (synthetic bristles)Pro Precision Smudger Brush (synthetic bristles)Pencil Crease...
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Zodiac B09 Double Eye Brush
Spectrum Zodiac B09 Double Eye BrushOur ultimate two-in-one eye brush! Use the angled end to apply product straight onto the lid and the lower lash line, then use the fluffy tapered end to blend out any harsh lines and blend...
X Jeffree Star Js13 Pom Crease Brush
Bold colour and defined lines in the crease? Honey, were here for it. This brushs soft, domed point can totally make it happen and make it iconic.BRISTLE TYPE: synthetic
Total Renewal Eye Kit
Interchangeables is a fully customizable earth friendly collection of beauty tools aimed to make you feel beautiful with less waste. Connect your brush heads to your handle with easy snap on technology. Contents:1 small brush handleSmall Base Shadow brush headSmall...
Secret Camouflage Brush
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage BrushPerfectly shaped for precise application in the tiniest areas, including shadows, corners of eyes, tiny scars or blemishes. The flatter, wider surface at the base of the brush is ideal for larger areas like ruddy cheeks,...
Pro Iconic Eyeshadow Brush
Whether you make your living doing makeup or youre just makeup-obsessed, you know the right brushes can make all the difference.Urban Decays pro-quality, cruelty-free brushes are easy on the eyes and the environment. The brushed gunmetal handles are made from...
Pro Brush 19 - Angled Eyebrow
Gear up like a pro and add your own expert touch to every look with the NYX Professional Makeup Pro Angled Brusha stiff, angled brush that is ideal for outlining, shading and correcting the shape of brows. Also doubles as...
Pomade Brow Brush #70
KVD Vegan Beauty Pomade Brow Brush #70Designed for high-pigment pomades and creams, the #70 Pomade Brush features high-quality, cruelty-free synthetic bristles, expertly cut at a bias just long enough to maintain precision, and short enough to enhance control. The shape...
M573 -Pointed Deluxe Blender Brush
This brush has a thick base and a rounded tip to create soft, blown-out lines that are perfect for cut crease looks and a smoky lower lash line.Bristles: 5/8"Full Length: 7"Bristle Type: Natural
M506 - Tapered Mini Blender Brush
This tapered brush has a very small head and a light touch for controlled blending.Bristles: 1/2Full Length: 6 3/4Bristle Type: Natural
M501 - Pro Pointed Blender Brush
Perfect highlighting has never been easier than with this brush. The tapered natural bristles give you precise application with just enough fluff for diffused colour and flawless blending.Bristles: 1 1/8Full Length: 7 1/8Bristle Type: Natural
M441 - Pro Firm Blending Crease Brush
One of the most popular Morphe brushes, this tapered crease brush has just the right amount of fullness and firmness to achieve perfect blending and seamless transitions between colours. A go-to crease brush is a staple in a well-rounded collection...
M433 - Pro Firm Blending Fluff Brush
Tapered crease brush with a pinched ferrule that gives it the versatility either to be used on the flat side for shading or to use the fullness of the tip for seamless blending.Bristles: 5/8Full Length: 6 7/8Bristle Type: Natural
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M432 - Flat Liner Definer Brush
Dont let the size fool you. Get in line for a definer brush that goes the distance.Bristles: 1/4Full Length: 6 1/4Bristle Type: Synthetic
M421 - Mini Concealer Brush
Blur your imperfections with our flat and rounded Mini Concealer brush. Ideal for blurring your blemishes or concealing dark circles. Professional quality for an ultra blended finish.Bristles: 3/8Full Length: 6 1/2Bristle Type: Synthetic
M330 - Blending Crease Brush
Fluffy blending brush with a defined, tapered point. This brush is perfect for diffusing harsh lines and giving your crease colour a final blend.Bristles: 3/4Full Length: 7 1/8Bristle Type: Natural
M321 - Bullet Crease Brush
This short, dense brush tapers to a defined point and wedges into the crease and outer “V” for strong, defined colour. Its perfect for cut crease looks and precise colour placement.Bristles: 3/8Full Length: 7 3/4Bristle Type: Natural
M224 - Oval Camouflage Brush
Everything from full-on concealing power to prepping for your killer contour and highlighter, this brush is full of major tricks.Bristles: 5/8"Full Length: 6 1/8"Bristle Type: Synthetic
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M213 - Smudger Brush
The perfect brush to run under the lower lash line for a smokey eye effect. The compact size makes it ideal for smudging and blending out liners and shadows.Bristles: 1/4"Full Length: 7"Bristle Type: Natural
M139 - Tapered Crease Blender Brush
Bristles gather to a point making this brush perfect for defining the crease.Bristles: 5/8"Full Length: 6 1/2"Bristle Type: Natural
Flat Eye Liner Brush
Laura Mercier Flat Eye Liner BrushA synthetic eye liner brush with firm bristles narrows to a thin, flat line to ensure the most exact placement of colour along the lash line.Expertise precisionIntricate definitionFlat bristles
Finishing Pony Tail Brush
Laura Mercier Finishing Pony Tail BrushThe Finishing Pony Tail Brush puts the finishing touch on your eyes. The sculpted fibers act as a reservoir to pick up and release product while gently buffing and delivering colour for a smooth, even...
Eyeshadow Brush
Clarins Eyeshadow BrushShort, round and dense brush, Made from cruelty-free synthetic bristles. Perfect for eye make-up.

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