Superfoods Supergreens - 70G
Nourishing superfoods powderBody* & mind** revitaliser, 7 nourishing servings per packNo grassy tatse - Apple infused flavourOur unique and nourishing Supergreens blend is bursting with powerful Superfoods, including wheatgrass, spirulina, barley grass, kale and chlorella. Its also fortified with vitamins...
Turmeric Daily Oral Spray - 25Ml
BetterYou Turmeric Daily Oral Spray - 25ml1300mg equivalent turmeric root per daily servingA convenient alternative to tablets and capsulesOral spray technology30 daily dosesNatural orange flavourPill-free formulation. A convenient alternative to tablets and capsules.Liquid formula for enhanced turmeric absorptionNo tablets, capsules...
Superfoods Cacao Boost - 70G
Organic cacao, lucuma, hemp and maca powderMalty caramel tasteWe have chosen superfoods Cacao, Lucuma, Maca and Hemp for their energy-enhancing properties in this unique organic blend. Lucuma (a fruit native to the Andean valleys of Peru) and Maca (a root...
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Wholisitic Turmeric - 30 Capsules
Total spectrum turmeric for enhanced curcumin absorption.Food supplement 30 capsules.Why Pukka?Because we only use the finest organic herbs to nurture your wellbeing.The power of 3 into 1:Our unique total spectrum Wholistic extraction process.Organic whole herb. Super crucial extract. Tincture. Infusion....
Superfoods Superberries - 70G
Nourishing superfoods powder blendImmune support7 nourishing servings per packSuperberries is an immune supporting blend of colourful berries and superfoods including goji, acai, pomegranate and coconut water. Its also been enhanced with added vitamins C, K, manganese, folic acid and magnesium...

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