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Jarrah 100% Unpasteurised Honey 22+ Total Activity 250G

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Jarrah produces a delicious dark, syrupy honey with a caramel taste. The natural composition of Jarrah honey is what makes this Western Australia's best kept secret!The Total Activity grading system appraises Necta & Hive's Jarrah honey and assures purity and quality. The unique Plant Phenol quality is measured by the term Total Activity (TA), the higher the Total Activity the more active its Phenol strength.TOTAL ACTIVITYThe Total Activity rating of our Jarrah honey ensures it has been valued for its unique properties. The higher the rating, the more active the unique Plant Phenol properties.All Necta & Hive honey is independently tested by an accredited laboratory to determine Total Activity levels, giving you confidence in the integrity, traceability and quality of our honeys.NECTA & HIVENecta & Hive travel the world, carefully selecting the rarest honeys with active properties to delight your taste buds.All our honey are unpasteurised and cold pressed so they retain their natural properties.Our honey is 100% pure natural honey.JARRAHEucalyptus MarginataJarrah honey is made by bees visiting the flowers of the Jarrah tree, part of the Eucalyptus family of trees. It is unique to a specific area of protected forests in Western Australia, considered to be one of the last disease and pest free areas in the world, so no insecticides or pesticides are used in these aparies. The majestic Jarrah tree can live for over 1000 years but only flowers once every two years from December to January, making Jarrah honey extremely rare. Jarrah produces a delicious dark, syrupy honey with a caramel taste .

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Jarrah 100% Unpasteurised Honey 22+ Total Activity 250G
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