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The Nail Nipper
MASQD The Nail Nipper Subtle, natural and demure? High gloss pointy vixen? Whatever your nail personality, the tools for creating the flawless look don™t change. We love an underdog so we paid extra special attention to the often overlooked Nail...
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The Cuticle Pusher
MASQD The Cuticle Pusher Subtle, natural and demure? High gloss pointy vixen? Whatever your nail personality, the tools for creating the flawless look don™t change. We love an underdog so we paid extra special attention to the often overlooked Nail...
Manicure Glass Nail File
Our therapists know the value of using high quality tools, and the impact this can have on the health of your nails. Our glass nail file has an everlasting abrasive surface, which can help prevent nails splitting and peeling. Your...
Scissors Curved
Boots Scissors Curved These scissors are especially designed for cutting fingernails.
Gel Nail Polish Remover Kit
Boots Gel nail polish remover kit helps you remove gel nail polish in 15 minutes This kit contains all the tools you need to quickly & effectively remove gel nail polish: 4-way nail buffer with 4 different abrasive surfaces Acetone...
Fingernail Clippers
Since 1925, our therapists have been restoring our guests' tired hands and fingernails. Our precision blade fingernail clippers have stainless steel blades that give a clean cut finish to your nails, making you feel as good as new. Stainless steel...
Nail Scissors
At all our Champneys spas, nail scissors pay a vital role in our manicure treatments. With ultra-sharp precision blades and soft touch handles, our nail scissors give a clean cut finish to nails. A toolkit staple for our therapists since...
4 Way Buffer
Boots 4 Way Buffer This combination file and buffer is designed to use with your natural nails. Each side has a specific purpose as follows: 1. Shape the edges of your nails 2. Even your nails by removing any ridges...
Long Life Emery Boards 5S
Boots Long Life Emery Boards 5s These long life emery boards are ideal for shaping and maintaining your nails. Manufactured from a high quality abrasive, they last longer than a standard emery board. Perfect for travel.
Cuticle Trimmer
Boots Cuticle Trimmer These cuticle nippers are ideal for removing excess cuticles from your nails. Simply soak your fingertips in warm, soapy water, then push your cuticle back with a cuticle pusher or cuticle stick. Carefully trim the cuticle from...
Cuticle Pusher & Tidy
Our guests often comment their hands are the tell tale signs that they're in need of a moment to care for themselves. The cuticle pusher's dual ended function pushes back softened cuticles and removes any excess. Restore your hardworking hands...
Miracle Buffer
At Champneys, our treatments offer a chance to unwind and restore. Our Miracle Buffer is the perfect tool to polish up your nails while you relax. With 4 sides to shape, buff, smooth and shine nails, it's a hands down...
3 Nail Files
Our therapists are experts in understanding what tools are best for the job in hand. Our trio of nail files in 3 different grit levels enable you to achieve a professional finish on all nail types, including artificial. Revitalise your...
Toenail Clipper
Our feet are often the first area we neglect, yet are an area that always require our attention. These heavy duty stainless steel toenail clippers can take care of thicker toenails with ease, ensuring you can focus on unwinding and...
Toe Nail Clippers (1 Pair)
Boots Toe Nail Clippers are strong and hardwearing. They are Chronium plated to protect from rust. Easy and comfortable to use. Suitable for Suitable for adults and children. How to use Always read the product information before use. Lift the...
Essentials Cutting Kit
Boots Essentials Cutting Kit boots essentials cutting kit Important info Boots Essentials Cutting Kit includes: Scissors Comb 2 sectioning clips
Cushioned Nail File
Boots Cushioned Nail File This cushioned nail file is ideal for smoothing nail edges, nail maintenance and finishing off your manicure or pedicure.
Small Crystal Nail File
The award winning Leighton Denny small crystal nail file is a must-have essential for all those who demand total nail perfection.
Salon Smooth Nail File
Boots Salon Smooth Nail File These nail files are specifically designed to give a smooth and gentle finish to both natural and artificial nails.
Toe Separators
Boots Toe Separators These toe separators are ideal for use when filing, buffing and applying nail polish.
Precision Grip Scissors Curved
Boots Precision Grip Scissors Curved These precision grip scissors are ideal for cutting your fingernails. With soft touch grips for more comfortable and precise cutting.
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Cuticle Pusher
Boots Cuticle Pusher This cuticle pusher is dual ended to help you remove excess cuticle. Simply use the wider end to push back the cuticle. Using the two prong end gently remove the excess cuticle.
Delux Nail Scissors
Tweezerman's Deluxe Nail Scissors are ideal for cutting fingernails and toenails with ease and precision. Expertly crafted for a professional quality manicure at home. How to use: Soak hands in warm water to soften nails before cutting.

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