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Exfoliating Scrub Gloves
Scrub, scrub me do! These soaper exfoliating scrub gloves will help you smooth up a gear in your body buffing, leaving you silky soft from head to toe. Remember, all you need is glove(s)! Key Benefits Super-exfoliating shower gloves Stimulates...
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Shower Puff
Love a bit of a scrub? Go on, get yourself all in a lather with The Bubble Booster Shower Puff. It's remarka-bubble! It's big, it's pink, it's super fun and will make your shower time sudsy and clean. Key Benefits:...
Exfoliating skin brush to smooth and tone, for beautifully radiant skin.Giving skin a daily brush helps to improve tone and boost cell renewal for smoother, softer, more radiant skin. With natural bristles from Mexican cactus plants swiftly stimulating circulation, evening...
Slanted Tweezers
Tweezers with a slanted edge, for shaping eyebrows. Hazards and Cautions Keep out of reach of children. This product is not intended for use by children.
Natural Bristle Nail Brush
Botanics Natural Bristle Nail Brush The Botanics plant-based bristle nail brush is flexible enough to clean under the nails and firm enough to remove dirt and impurities. When used as part of a daily regime, this natural brush helps to...
Make Up Remover Pad - Original - Single Pack
Face Halo, the new cult beauty makeup remover that professional makeup artists, celebrities and women worldwide can™t live without. Using only water, Face Halo traps and removes makeup for a deep clean and gentle exfoliation. Face Halo award-winning makeup remover...
Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Cleansing Mitt Collection
Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Cleansing Mitt Collection These Cleansing Mitts are the ideal accessories to work with your favourite Tea Tree & Witch Hazel facial washes and scrubs. These soft cloth mitts help you to clean all aspects...
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Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Face Mask Brush
Partner this Face Mask Brush with your favourite Tea Tree & Witch Hazel mask for an even, hygienicand mess-free application,
Microderm Tool
Tweezerman Microderm Tool Periodically, your skin needs deep exfoliation to refresh your complexion. A step ahead of dermaplaning, and dermatologist tested, the Tweezerman Clear Skin Microderm Tool goes deep into the skin's surface to remove the top layers of dead,...
Pore Prep Tool
Tweezerman Pore Prep Tool Combat sweat, air pollution and makeup congestion with the Pore Prep Tool. Clearing your pores allows oxygen to freely pass through and prevents bacteria build-up. The Pore Prep Tool safely removes dirt and debris, allowing for...
Dual Ended Jade Roller
The JADE ROLLER is made with 100% Jade and designed to help reduce puffiness and smooth skin. Use the larger end for cheeks and forehead and the smaller end for under the eyes and around the nose. Customise your routine...
Textured Facial Roller
The TEXTURED FACIAL ROLLER is designed to help massage and to help product absorb deeper into the skin for an at home facial experience. Customize your routine by using over your favorite sheet mask. Clean after each use and replace...
Contour Facial Roller
The CONTOUR FACIAL ROLLER is designed to replicate a spa quality facial and help massage the contours of your face and jawline. Customize your routine by storing in the refrigerator to help depuff or run under warm water to help...
Blackhead Extractor
Tweezerman Blackhead Extractor The latest advancement in extractions, this dermatologist tested blackhead removal tool has a unique shape to expertly eliminate visible blackheads at home. Crafted of stainless steel, it has all the convenience and quality of the highly coveted...
Prep And Plane Razors
Tweezerman Prep and Plane Razors Designed for convenience, this set of facial razors lets you keep up with your complexion at all times. Whether you have minimal peach fuzz, upper lip hair or something in between, the Tweezerman facial razors...
Massage Sponge Charcoal
Boots Massage Sponge Charcoal We've developed this synthetic massage sponge with two different sides. The massaging side to gently exfoliate your skin and a smooth side to help create a perfect lather.
Shower Cap Pink
Boots Shower Cap Pink An everyday hero, we've developed our shower caps to keep hair dry in the bath or shower. We've also added concealed elastic so it shouldn't leave marks on your forehead.
Ramer Soft Sponge White
Boots Ramer Soft Sponge White We™ve developed these softer sponges to use as part of your daily skin cleansing regime to help gently care for and cleanse your skin. RAMER ® is the trademark of Ramer Limited
Bodypolisher Teal
Boots Bodypolisher Teal Polish and cleanse skin. We've developed this gentle body polisher to help exfoliate, clean and smooth your skin.
A Brush With Greatness Exfoliating Face Brush
Face the day with radiant confidence. This double-action cleansing and massage brush gives you amazing face, so glow on and try it! It double-sided “ one side to exfoliate and one to cleanse. Double-action for the ultimate complexion perfection! Key...
Ramer Soft Sponge Pink
Boots Ramer Soft Sponge Pink We™ve developed these softer sponges to use as part of your daily skin cleansing regime to help gently care for and cleanse your skin. Soak and rinse thoroughly before first use. Ramer® sponges harden as...
Exfoliating Body Brush
Botanics Detox Brush The Botanics Detox Brush is to help exfoliate and buff away dead skin cells. Made with soft, synthetic bristles to leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and invigorated. Botanics has taken steps to reduce its impact on...
Ramer Soft Sponge Teal
Boots Ramer Soft Sponge Teal We™ve developed these softer sponges to use as part of your daily skin cleansing regime to help gently care for and cleanse your skin. Soak and rinse thoroughly before first use. Ramer® sponges harden as...
Textured Bath Mat
Boots Textured Bath Matt

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