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Eh-Xt20 3-In-1 Facial Enhancer With Micro-Current Technology

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The only anti-ageing beauty device in the UK that helps improve the absorption of your expensive skin creams to make them work harder for you. If you spend more than £50 on facial skin cream, this is for you. Panasonic Facial Enhancer is clinically proven to improve night cream absorption by up to 40%. In just 4 weeks wrinkles depth is visibly improved*. It also works as a deep cleansing device with your daily cleansing lotion to extract deep-set dirt and grease from your pores.How does it work?The Panasonic Facial Enhancer uses microcurrent technology. This is technically also known as ‘Iontophoresis. The technology works by applying a continuous electrical current through the skin. The device head, and a panel on the back of the device, have an alternating positive and negative charge. Holding the device in your hand closes the electrical circuit, thereby causing ions to move and create a flow into the skin. During the purify mode, the electrical flow moves away from the skin, thereby removing deep-set dirt from the pores.When the device is in moisturising mode, the electrical flow carries skin cream and its active ingredients deep into the skin.Finally the cooling mode (recommended to use after the moisturising mode) locks the moisture within, by rapidly cooling the skin surface and tightening pores.Recommended protocolFor reducing wrinkle depth, use every day (preferably with your night cream), continuously for at least 4 weeks.For deeper cleansing always use with your cleansing lotion after you manually removed all make up/ washed your face.Cooling step seals in the moisture and must not be missed if you want to see visible improvement in your skin over time. Note: the effectiveness of the Panasonic Facial Enhancer may vary depending on individual skin type.

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Eh-Xt20 3-In-1 Facial Enhancer With Micro-Current Technology
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