Beauty #Fauxfilter Luminous Matte Full Coverage Liquid Foundation

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100B milkshake
110N angel food
120B vanilla
130G panna cotta
140G cashew
150G creme brulee
200B shortbread
210B chai
220N custard
230N macaroon
240N toasted coconut
245B peaches n cream
250G cheesecake
255B apple pie
300N latte
310G amaretti
315B shortcake
320G tres leches
330N butter pecan
335B beignet
340G baklava
350G dulce de leche
400G macchiato
405N biscotti
410G brown sugar
415N churro
420G toffee
430N gingerbread
440G cinnamon
450G chocolate mousse
455R peanut butter
500G mocha
510R cocoa
520G nutmeg
530R coffee bean
540G chocolate truffle
550R hot fudge
560R ganache
590R lava cake
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24hr wear
Smudge Proof
Sweat Proof
Humidity Proof
Transfer Proof
Mask Proof
LIFE PROOF*: waterproof, super long wear (24hr), transfer proof, fade proof, sweat proof, humidity proof
DUBAI PROOF*: humidity proof, sweat proof, super long wear (12hr)
POOL PARTY PROOF*: waterproof, sweat resistant, long wear (6hr)
Fragrance free
Comfortable Wear
Formulated for all skin types

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