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Facetite Anti Ageing Device

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Silk'n FaceTite anti ageing deviceScientific breakthrough in skin rejuvenationThe scientists at Silkn have succeeded in developing an anti-ageing device which transform the skin from the inside. In an astonishing process, Silkn FaceTite repairs the skins own collagen and elastin fibres and strengthens its deeper layers. This process improves skin tension, making it tighter and more elastic. Wrinkles and fine lines diminish and the facial contours are significantly lifted. Sun and age spots on the surface become less visible and the structure and elasticity of the skin improve. Never before has it been possible to correct your skin like this from your own home. Silkn FaceTite has now made this possible.Did you know?Fibroblasts are cells in our body which produce collagen and elastin, the building blocks of the skin. A young skin is able to renew its fibroblasts every 21-28 days, but as we get older this occurs every 4045 days. What is more, after the age of 50, fewer fibroblasts are created that can be produced by the body. The result: visibly older skin.How does it work precisely?The 3 energy sources Bi-Polar RF Energy, LED Light Energy and IR Heat Energy combine forces to reach and provide heat to all cell layers, from the epidermis to the underlying fat layer. The exterior of the skin warms up to a maximum of 43 °C while the inner layers reach a maximum of 50 °C. This stimulates the contraction of fibres in the skin complex. This is a completely painless process: you simply feel the skin becoming pleasantly warm. Silkn FaceTite tackles the problem from the inside. The skin becomes visibly tighter, looks younger and feels renewed.HTâ„¢ (Home Tightening) technology combines 3 energy sources:1. Bi-Polar RF Energy (fractionated bipolar radio-frequency): strengthens the deeper skin layer down to 4mm. 2. LED Light Energy (red LED light): balances the skin and ensures recovery.3. IR Heat Energy (infrared warmth): improves the structure of the skin.

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Facetite Anti Ageing Device
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