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Pull On Pants, Size 4 22 Pants, 8-15Kg

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Naty Pull On Pants, Size 4 22 Pants, 8-15kgI dont believe in compromises or shortcuts. If you want an eco-friendly nappy to be successful, it has to perform at least as well as the best traditional nappy.The woman behind the words is Marlene Sandberg, the momtrepreneur who started ECO by Naty over 20 years ago. Then as now, the goal remains the same: to create the best, most natural and eco-friendliest baby products possible.The ECO by Naty nappy is the market leader within eco nappies and praised worldwide for superior performance.With Naty, you are assured that only natural materials will ever be against your babys skin or your skin.Go Greenest Today!Suitability - 8-15 kg (18-33 lbs)Key Features:Natural & Renewable MaterialThe main absorbent of the nappy is wood pulp, responsibly harvested from Scandinavian forests and carries FSC certification. The various layers of the nappy are also made of natural, biodegradable materials, such as compost certified tissue and sugarcane.All of our products are 100% GMO free.Corn Based (GM Free)We use a GM free cornstarch film as a leakage barrier. Its fully compostable and just as effective as plasticonly gentler on your babys health, as we dont need to use any harmful chemicals.Naturally BreathableOur cornstarch film breathes, unlike plastic, which results in an airier, drier and more comfortable nappy. This also helps to prevent nappy rashone of our main benefits, according to many Naty parents.Chlorine & Fragrance FreeNaty nappies are 100% totally chlorine free and contain no perfume whatsoeverjust another way we have reduced the amount of harmful chemicals coming into contact with your babys skin.Awards:OK biobased - Our “OK biobased” certificate, issued by Vincotte, is an acknowledgement of our use of renewable materials.Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), NSF - NSF International is one of the largest certification organizations in North America and has been testing and certifying products for safety, health and the environment for 67 years.FSC - This label means that all the wood for the pulp used in our products is responsibly harvested and is sourced with stringent FSC certification requirements.Swedish Asthma & Allergy Association - A recommendation from SAAA is only possible if the product is completely hypoallergenicno allergens, no perfumes and no other irritating substances whatsoever.Junior Design Awards 2015 - Winner in the category “Best Eco Nappy.

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Pull On Pants, Size 4 22 Pants, 8-15Kg
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