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Adaptogens Turmeric 100G

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What does it do?Introducing Boots Adaptogens; a range of holistic herbs, fruits and mushrooms that are believed to help the body ˜adapt™ in order to take on physical and emotional life pressures. Our 100% pure, vegan and natural-tasting powders can be easily incorporated into your everyday wellness routine. Adaptogens have been studied for their ability to induce balance and harmony when dealing with the ups and downs of a hectic life.The Golden OneOriginating in India, Turmeric is a firm favourite in Ayurveda; known for its overall health benefiting properties. It is also believed to balance the three doshas; kapha, pitta and vata. Everybody has a unique combination of these three Ayurvedic energies “ it is believed that balanced doshas allow for a healthy mind, body and spirit. Boots™ 100% Organic Turmeric powder is grown in Northern India and is a source of fibre and bright, peppery-tasting curcumin.Suitable for Vegans

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Adaptogens Turmeric 100G
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