How to glow all through lockdown

Author: Sophie Kauter

Lockdown is here, nights out are a no no and self care sessions are in full swing! We’re here to break down the self care musts, so you don't have too. Whether you're fancying a pamper evening or in need of a boost, what better time to rejuvenate your body and mind than lockdown!

Relax in the Bubbles

Baths are an obvious self care must! The hot water loosens muscles, increasing blood flow which releases endorphins, making you feel restored. To unwind even more, try lavender or chamomile scented bath salts that stimulate relaxation, or hang some eucalyptus to infuse within the steam so it can release its destressing oils. 

Light a Candle or Two

To make your home a haven, a candle or two is a must! Clear your mind with a tension relieving rosemary or vanilla scent; or if you're working from home try a citrus or sandalwood candle to invigorate your senses, making you feel focused and energised; or for when you’re feeling down during these uneasy times, light a candle with notes of bergamot, sage or lemon to improve your mood and increase positivity.

Become your own Masseuse 

Treat yourself to daily facial massages this lockdown- they not only improve your mood, but the stimulation reduces puffiness and firms and brightens your skin, making it luminous and healthy! Why not invest in a face roller? It does all the work for you, and with regular use it can even lifty your face's natural contours. Experts suggest popping your face roller in the fridge, as using it chilled awakens tired puffy skin in the morning, and calms at the end of a long lockdown day.

The Importance of Double Cleansing 

Cleansing is an obvious way to immaculate skin, so get into the routine of cleansing twice! Use a foamy cleanser first to remove the majority of makeup, oils and daily dirt. Then to give your skin the specific boost it needs, go in with your second cleanser that addresses your skin concerns, giving a deep clean; whilst getting rid of excess residues. 

Don't Forget your Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is one of the few ingredients that works for everyone- it not only increases collagen production creating plumpness, but repairs damaged skin cells, meaning healthy, dewy skin! Often found in cleansers and balms, day creams and night masks, Vitamin C is also active in mists and glow serums because of its brightening effect, which creates the glow! So whether you want to reduce redness, restore dull skin, or fancy a little TLC, give Vitamin C try and see the benefits for yourself!

Stay Hydrated

During lockdown breakouts are inevitable and the colder weather make us even more prone to dry skin; so drinking your recommended eight glasses of water a day keeps your skin staying radiant. However, if you're in need of a boost try a face serum or hyaluronic acid which adds back moisture, or for oily skin, a water based hydrator is best; as they are lighter and won't clog your pores, causing breakouts. 

It's all in the Eyes 

The skin around our eyes is super delicate, so is prone to fine lines and wrinkles, bags and dark circles; telltale signs of aging and tiredness. So this lockdown, pay a little extra attention to them! Gel products are more easily absorbed, but retinol serums and creams work just as well, and don't forget about eye patches which provide an instant boost, with their cooling and anti-inflammatory effects.

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