Green Tea Fresh Mint Heel Pumice
This innovative pumice in the form of a thick paste with natural abrasive particles gently and effectively cleanses and smoothes out the skin of the feet as well as stimulates blood circulation through foot massage. Carefully selected natural and organic...
Milky Almond Regenerating Body Butter
A thick and nourishing buttery texture and delicious aroma make this body butter truly unique. Carefully selected plant extracts combined with plant waters immediately hydrate and smooth out the skin. Organic extra virgin vegetable oils leave even very dry skin...
Pure Sugarcane In A Minute Manicure Scrub
The unique formulation characterised by a wonderful orange aroma and colour is based on natural and organic active ingredients. The core of the product is sugar crystals which safely and naturally exfoliate the skin of the hands to eliminate dead...
Pure Sugarcane Nourishing Deeply Sweet Scrub
An unconventional body scrub formulated with different-sized sugar crystals suspended in a complex of organic extra virgin vegetable oils. The product offers a natural and effective way of eliminating dead skin cells and other impurities. It leaves the skin perfectly...
Sustainable Science 24 Hour Moisturizing System
This cream is designed to provide long lasting skin hydration. It's smart formula is based on a moisturizing system which adjusts to the specific needs of the skin. Active ingredients are released into the skin gradually to optimize its level...
Sustainable Science Active Sebum Control Gel
This easy-to-absorb, gel-like cream helps regulate the function of the sebaceous glands, and therefore control the secretion of excess sebum. It has a two-fold effect: it provides deep and long lasting skin hydration and also controls shine and conceals imperfections....
Sustainable Science Anti Wrinkle Lotion
This lightweight lotion is designed for the care of oily and combination skins. It has a strong firming effect on the skin, it helps smooth out fine lines and any irregularities, minimizes expression lines, and neutralizes free radicals thus delaying...
Sustainable Science Bedazzled Anti Aging Therapy
This intensive night cream, rich in various active ingredients was carefully designed to satisfy all skin type needs. It perfectly nourishes and oils epidermis, brightens the complexion and revives tired skin. Its' exceptional formula is based on apples, gingko biloba...
Sustainable Science Blossom Therapeutic Mask
A unique, light gel mask formula with rose blossom, ideal for sensitive skin, skin with broken capillaries or prone to irritation. It provides optimum hydration, soothes and relaxes the skin, providing instant relief. Rich in specially selected natural extracts and...
Sustainable Science Brilliant Restoring Toner
Intensively brightening, moisturizing and anti-aging toner composed on the basis of solely natural and organic active ingredients. The synergy effect of combining such strong active ingredients as apple, ginkgo biloba and acerola extracts together with fruit acids is visible from...
Sustainable Science Calming Blemish Cleanser
Face, neck and decolletage area velvet wash is designed for every skin type, especially the one with imperfections. It perfectly cleanses and leaves a pleasant refreshing feel on the skin. Based on natural active ingredients it brightens dark spots without...
Sustainable Science Complete Blemish Cleanser
This mild cleansing gel is recommended for the daily care of oily and combination as well as blemished skin. The product is based on ecological plant waters and natural plant extracts that have exfoliating and calming properties. It has a...
Sustainable Science Cooling Eye Puffiness Minimizer
A cooling, fragrance-free eye gel. It reduces swelling and dark circles in the eye area. It has a lightweight texture and is quickly absorbed by the skin without leaving any sticky feeling. It is rich in ecological plant waters, organic...
Sustainable Science Enlivening Facial Toner
This unique gentle formula is based on plant water and extracts derived from the Rosa centifolia. The product leaves the skin perfectly toned and refreshed, ready for further treatment. D-panthenol and calming organic extracts immediately quench the thirst of the...
Sustainable Science Enzymatic Gentle Exfoliator
This enzyme peel for the face effectively cleanses the skin by removing dead cells which can clog the pores and cause the occurrence of breakouts of inflamed acne and other blemishes. The product is formulated with ecological plant waters and...
Sustainable Science Exfoliating Facial Paste
An excellent exfoliant - removes impurities and dead skin cells, unclogs pores and promotes the absorption of the active ingredients in your favorite cream. The product is recommended for all skin types. It is formulated with rice powder and ground...
Sustainable Science Happy Eye Area Lightener
This velvety cream is designed for the care of the eye area. It smoothes out the skin, helping correct the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and any irregularities. It contains natural anti-oxidants which delay the signs of ageing of the...
Sustainable Science Ideal Skin Protector SPF10
The perfect cream to fortify and protect sensitive skin, skin with broken capillaries or prone to irritation. Rich in carefully selected plant extracts, the formula seals the walls of the blood vessels and prevents the enlargement of the capillaries, reduces...
Sustainable Science Leave On Purifying Cream
A thick, creamy emulsion based on rose water and natural, safe cleansers. The cream is particularly recommended for dry and sensitive skin. It gently and effectively removes all traces of make-up and other impurities without causing any irritation or dehydration....
Sustainable Science Let It Beam Moisturising Serum
Gentle, light gel serum with fresh apple scent. It strongly moisturizes, nourishes and brightens the skin, especially the one that is tired and greyish. Carefully selected organic active ingredients neutralize free radicals, eliminate skin the impurities and make the skin...
Sustainable Science Luminous Apple Cream
Light, refreshing day cream suitable for every skin type. It effectively helps to make the complexion even and luminous. The cream is formulated out of the outstanding variety of natural and organic extracts. Distinctive apple extract is known for its...
Sustainable Science Luscious Hydrating Cream
This unique formula is designed to meet the needs of dry and very dry skin. This luxuriously rich cream contains hyaluronic acid and vitamins. It forms a film on the surface of the skin that holds water providing immediate hydration...
Sustainable Science Non-Drying Cleansing Foam
This velvety, facial cleansing foam is designed for the daily care of allergic, sensitive, or couperose skin. It is based on plant water derived from the Rosa centifolia. The product is soap-free, fragrance-free and color-free. The foam gently and effectively...
Sustainable Science Oil Control Mattifying Cream
This moisturizing gel-cream with its lightweight, non-greasy texture is recommended for the complex care of oily and combination skin that has lots of blemishes. The product is formulated with mild, carefully-selected natural plant extracts which effectively control inflamed skin blemishes,...

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